Dear Union Voter: Labor 2018 Call to Action!

October 19th, 2018

Dear Union Voter:

We need every union member to vote this election. For the past four years, Gov. Bruce Rauner has made destroying unions, slashing wages, and cutting pensions and worker protections his top priorities. In fact, he refused to negotiate a state budget unless it included anti-worker laws. Because of Rauner, the effect has been devastating to Illinois as unpaid bills and late fees piled up to more than $10 billion dollars. Because of Rauner, we will have to pay all that back, plus interest.

The Quad City Federation of Labor, AFL-CIO has endorsed JB Pritzker for Governor because he will end the Rauner war on workers and make sure that Illinois invests in its workforce again.

Rauner has spent four years trying to destroy unions by pushing for job-killing so called “Right-to –Work” laws, repealing the Prevailing Wage for construction workers, and he even vetoed an increase in the Minimum Wage.

J.B. Pritzker supports union members, saying “unions are the key to rebuilding the middle class.”

Rauner initiated the Janus Supreme Court case that weakens the ability for working people to stand together.

J.B. Pritzker said “Illinois needs a governor who understands that unions built our middle class, not one who fights to undermine our workers at every turn. The fight is far from over and when I’m governor, Illinois’ working families will have a champion and an ally who will stand with them in the workplace and on the picket line.”

Rauner has done nothing to rebuild our state’s crumbling infrastructure.

Pritzker has committed to investing in improving transportation, infrastructure and broadband capacity.

Early voting has already started and will continue until November 5th. Election Day is November 6th. Make a plan to vote early, or vote on Election Day. Everything we depend on for our way life is on-the-line and on the ballot this Election.

Contact your local county clerk’s office with any questions about voting early or registering to vote:
Rock Island – 309-786-8683 (786-VOTE)
Henry – 309-937-3575
Mercer – 309-582-7021

It is critical that our members and their families take the time to vote and support candidates that will vote for our interests. The Quad City Federation of Labor is supporting the following candidates for office. When you vote, please keep in mind that our wages, benefits and retirement security are critical issues that we must protect.
U.S. House of Representatives 17th Dist. – Cheri Bustos
Governor – JB Pritzker
Lt. Governor – Juliana Stratton
Attorney General – Kwame Raoul
Secretary of State – Jesse White
State Comptroller – Susana Mendoza
State Treasurer – Michael Frerichs
State Representative, 72nd District– Mike Halpin
State Representative, 71st District – Joan Padilla
State Senate, 36th District – Gregg Johnson
Rock Island County Sheriff – Gerry Bustos
Rock Island County Board, District 25 – James Greenwood
Rock Island County Board, District 23 – Ken Maranda
Rock Island County Board, District 21 – Dorothy W. Beck
Rock Island County Board, District 15 – Edna Sowards
Rock Island County Board, District 12 – David L. Adams
Rock Island County Board, District 03 – Scott Noyd
Rock Island County Board, District 02 – Gary Freeman

If we stand and vote together, our collective voice will make the difference.

In Solidarity,

Dino Leone, President
Quad City Federation of Labor, AFL-CIO

Labor 2018 GOTV Letter

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